The corporate policy of the Port of Åhus and Lindéns

The most significant market and customer segments for the Port of Åhus and Lindéns are bulk and container handling, as well as the associated storage, shipping and brokering assignments.

We constantly work to improve so as to ensure that we can maintain a sustainable business well into the future. Our business is to be distinguished by openness, safety and efficiency.


  • We wish to maintain good communication with everyone involved at and around the harbour.
  • We consider it important to create good relationships with partners and suppliers, relationships distinguished by a business-like approach and by respect for requirements concerning safety and the environment.
  • It is taken as read that all our staff are to have a broad base of competences.


  • We wish to ensure that all our employees are familiar with their roles and responsibilities at the company, and with the links between these and the overriding corporate goals.
  • Laws and directives are to be followed at all times.
  • We want to be an employer that does not expose any employees to ill-health or accidents, and as one that works for equal opportunities.
  • We continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment, for example by increasing focus on the consumption of natural resources, optimising waste disposal solutions and increasing transport efficiency.


  • We work from a long-term perspective in continuously developing work approaches, methods and processes.
  • We are to supply logistics services close to the harbour through the application of versatile holistic solutions and efficient services with limited environmental impact.