Åhus Hamn and Lindéns Business policy

Åhus Hamn and Lindén’s main market and customer segments are bulk and container handling, as well as associated storage, forwarding and brokerage assignments. We work continuously to improve and strive to be a hub and logistics center for the development of the region’s business sector. Our business must be characterized by the customer in focus, we are professional and long-term sustainable.

The customer in focus
  • We maintain a high level of service and quality through adapted solutions in a close dialogueWe always have a good response and show consideration to our customers both internally and externally
  • We strive for our customers to have a high level of competitiveness, satisfaction and great confidence in us
  • We deliver what we promised with the required quality and with high security
  • Our competence is continuously developed through preparation, planning and follow-up of our           business
  • Through high participation and helpfulness, we create a teamwork that looks to the entire value chain
  • Our attitude and behavior are of the utmost importance. We can always discuss solutions without prestige. We respect each other and our customers.
Long term sustainable
  • Our business management system helps us to be up to date with the legislation for the environment, safety and work environment
  • Through the development and training of the staff, we create redundancy in the company
  • Well-being and community at the company is created through a high level of participation and that we listen to each other
  • Our economy allows for necessary reinvestments in order to meet future needs and demand