Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health & Safety

We at Åhus Hamn & Stuveri AB devote large amounts of resources to our work in the fields of quality, the environment and occupational health and safety with a view to ensuring an efficient, safe and secure workplace that provides added value for our customers. Our ambition is constantly to improve our work, and to find synergies we process all these areas through our shared business management system, which, today, also handles fire, customs and safety issues.

We have already achieved our stated aims of creating a comprehensive management system and obtaining certification according to applicable standards. Today we have been certified in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality standard and the ISO14001:2015 environmental standard and for AFS 2001:1 – systematic occupational health and safety work.
First and foremost, our work in the field of quality has to do with improving our business by raising the efficiency of our business processes. Our services in the areas of handling goods and hiring out storage space are continuously adapted to match customer wishes and requirements.

We also give high priority to environmental considerations at the harbour. We continuously follow up to make sure that our environmental work and the measures adopted have the desired effect. Examples of areas in which we face the greatest environmental challenges are:
Transport ­ all the internal and external transport around the harbour gives rise to considerable environmental impact. Therefore, the ongoing improvement work at the harbour is intended to identify efficient transport solutions in which we strive to make use of the strategic location of the harbour and the opportunity to run rail connections all the way out to the quays. Electricity consumption ­ lighting the harbour area demands large volumes of electricity, and our work to cut consumption is centred around pinpointing intelligent and efficient lighting solutions.

Chemical processing ­ the business of the harbour involves the use of large volumes of chemicals to maintain the machinery and other equipment in the area. We strive to make more efficient use of our chemicals and to phase out substances that are hazardous to health and/or the environment.

Waste, dirt and noise ­ harbour business unavoidably has an impact on its immediate surroundings. However, we at the harbour are well aware of this, and work tirelessly to minimise this impact. We also work with other players in the area to create a better local environment in and around the harbour.

Today, our recycling station is up and running, and as regards waste processing in general, we have agreed contracts for the complete processing of all types of waste.

We have increased focus on occupational health and safety in recent years. For example, we have been working with Occupational health care for years on issues of corporate health care and occupational health and safety. Within this working agreement, our staff undergo a health check every second year, where a questionnaire is used to examine the following areas: current state of health, work-related symptoms and lifestyle issues.

For this purpose, we have also developed a profile which centres on research into stress and working life. It is a simple but efficient measurement instrument for individuals, groups and the company as a whole. The profile makes it possible to evaluate various initiatives intended to reduce stress and improve working conditions. The PASS profile looks at the big picture and covers the most significant issues within four main areas: private life, work, self-esteem and stress symptoms. In addition, we run ³keep fit² initiatives such as a massage service, fitness training and bodybuilding.

The area of occupational health and safety at the harbour also involves continuously identifying the risks that arise in specific situations and in connection with the handling of various types of goods. In connection with our risk evaluations, we adopt both short and long-term measures intended to create a safe and secure working environment.

All employees has together developed a common value basis, that are based on the following:

  • Customer in focus
  • Professional
  • Long term durable

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